AWS re:Invent 2014

reinvent-logo-600-toppaddingI recently attended Amazon Web Services’ annual conference in Las Vegas, NV called re:Invent.  I was again surprised at the huge turnout.  I believe re:Invent 2013 had over 8,000 attendees, according to AWS Sr VP Andy Jassy, there were 13,000 attendees this year.

Some highlights at this years conference:

  • Preview announcement of AWS Aurora, a MySQL compatible relational database created by AWS from the ground up to compete with the high end commercial databases like MS SQL and Oracle.
  • New tools for code management and deployment (CodeDeploy, CodeCommit and CodePipeline)
  • New service called AWS Key Management Service that allows easy management of encryption keys and even has the capability of using HSMs for more security.
  • Preview announcement of a service called AWS Service Catalog allowing admins to create and manage a menu of standard services from a central location.
  • Preview announcement of AWS Lambda that allows code to be automatically executed within milliseconds based on pre-defined triggers occurring within certain AWS services.
  • Preview announcement of AWS EC2 Container Service that allows you to easily create, manage and deploy containers across manged clusters of instances.
  • Bigger better faster EBS volumes with up to 16TB provision-able to 20000 IOPS on SSDs
  • New compute instances with the c4.8xlarge having (36) 2.9Ghz vCPUs, 60GB of RAM and up to 10Gbps network throughput.

Below are the keynote speech highlights from AWS Sr VP Andy Jassy and’s CTO Werner Vogels