Desktop slow?

ssd_vs_hddFor years and years, we’ve been replacing computers because they get “slow”.  The “slowness” that 95% of users complain about has little to do with replacing the entire computer but more the hard drive.  Companies and consumers can extend the life of their computers by replacing the hard drives in their older computers with Solid State Drives (SSD).

There are many applications like Acronis, Macrium Reflect and if you purchased a Samsung SSD, Samsung’s Data Migration Software that will help you move all your data from your current hard drive to your SSD without re-installing the operating system and all your applications.  In fact, Crucial even created an Easy SSD Install Kit that works with any SSD drive (assuming you bought the correct one for your interface) with all the tools and software required to move your PC from your regular hard drive over to SSD.

There are however 3 downsides to moving to SSD –

  1. SSDs are coming down in price but they are still expensive.
  2. Due to prices, you are probably going to get a smaller SSD so you’ll be limited on space.
  3. SSDs have a write/delete lifespan.  Though the life of an average computer may not see this lifespan, it may be less than a normal hard drive in time vs data written depending on usage.  See this article on SSD Torture Test.

So if you are planning on spending some money to replace your computer, think about spending money on an SSD instead of the whole computer.  You could even remove your old hard drive after it’s done being cloned and placing it in an external USB enclosure to give yourself an external hard drive.