Exchange Archive Mailbox

exchange-server-2013-logoExchange Archive Mailbox is Microsoft’s way of getting rid of PST files.  PST files are notorious for getting corrupted.  Microsoft has several tech papers warning users not to store PST files on network drives but how do we backup these files?

They’ve solved this problem with a feature called the Archive Mailbox although there are some limitations to this feature:

  1. When a user is “Offline” they can not see their Archive Mailbox because this mailbox does not have a local cache. There is no way around this except to place necessary documents in the normal mailbox.  For instance, if I’m in the office connected to the network, I can see my normal mailbox along with my archive mailbox.  But, if I’m traveling say on an airplane with no internet access, I can only see my normal mailbox because it’s cached on my local computer.
  2. Outlook 2003 and older clients will not be able to see archive folders because they never had this feature in mind.
  3. Permissions follow the primary mailbox, so giving permissions to another user to view a mailbox also gives access to view their Archive Mailbox.

A not so limitation – Outlook Web Access allows you to see both the normal mailbox and archive mailbox.